Please contact Council President Vicki Almond to urge down-zoning to RC-7.  You can reach her by sending an email to: or via U.S. mail:

Councilwoman Vicki Almond
Old Courthouse
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

Please include your name and home address to let the Council President know in which district you reside

Below, we’ve provided a suggested letter.

  • You can download and view the suggested letter in Word document form here

Suggested Letter/Email to Councilperson Almond


Dear Councilperson Almond:

The prospective development of the property formerly owned by the Chestnut Ridge County Club (CRCC) raises great concerns for those of us who live in the Falls Road corridor. The potential conversion of these 232 acres to housing cannot help but have adverse effects in the form of increased congestion, environmental degradation, depletion of the water table, and, ultimately, a decline in property values.

Any development at a density greater than that allowed by zoning at RC7 would change the essential, rural nature of the area and destroy the very characteristics that make the Falls Road corridor a desirable place to live.

The property in question is among the largest undeveloped parcels in District 2, and as such constitutes a precious community resource. In addition, the property encompasses an environmentally sensitive drainage area that feeds Dipping Pond Run and the Jones Falls watershed. Any development will affect this ecosystem adversely; excessive development likely will doom it.

According to the county’s own guidelines, RC7 zoning is the appropriate designation for the CRCC property. For example, the county’s Article 1A Resources Conservation Zones apply to:

  1. Primary conservancy areas: (1) ”to protect and preserve total ecosystem function, including riparian and aquatic ecosystems,” and
  2. Secondary conservancy areas: (1) “to maintain the unique character of rural areas by preserving natural, and cultural, historic, architectural, and archaeological resources and scenic views.”

Your decision on the zoning of the CRCC property quite literally will determine the character of the Jones Falls corridor and the integrity of the Jones Falls watershed for decades to come.  I urge you to recognize the unalterable consequences of overdevelopment and to rezone the CRCC property as RC7.


Name and Address



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